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    Available Size: 1kg, 2kg.

    Flavours: Orange, Mango.

    Oly carbs is a complex carbohydrates glycogen sparing, performance and recovery formula. It is well established that carbohydrates ingestion before exercise can maximize exercise performance by enhancing endurance capacity. In addition, because blood glucose is an important energy source during the exercise. oly carbs can help deliver energy to athletes during these intense workouts. Working out hard can deplete your muscles stored form of carbohydrates called glycogen. Complex carbohydrates loading prior to exercise can help maintain muscle glycogen throughout your workout.



    Medium chain complex carbs.

    Blend of high & low glycemic carbs

    Maximum glycogen loading.

    Pre & post workout glycogen replenishment.

    Maximum glycogen loading.



    DIRECTIONS: Mix one scoop in 300ml of water or your favorite fruit juice & have 30 to 45 minutes before training Or competition. Repeat Immediately following training or competition to replenish depleted glycogen.


    Storage Condition: Store In A Cool  Dry & Hygienic Place At Room

    Temperature. Some setting may occur during storage.Use within

    one month of opening the pack

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