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    “Penetrator”Fertilizer Coulter

    DMR Technologies LLC presents the “Penetrator” Dual

    Item Details

    “Penetrator”Fertilizer Coulter

    DMR Technologies LLC presents the “Penetrator” Dual Band No-Til Fertilizer Coulter for use in high speed fertilizer application. One unit will replace two typical coulter openers. Features include 15” 20” & 30” application bands with NH3, Liquid or Dry injection tubes up to three product capability per coulter. Single Bevel 24” coulter blades are a fixed angle of 3 degree for minimal soil movement and a rolling coulter blade scraper provides for excellent blade cleaning. Individual units are hydraulically raised and lowered as well as active down pressure to 650lbs. with over 20” of vertical travel. 3500 lb. bearing assemblies per side support the coulter hubs and replaceable coulter hub spindles. Heavy duty construction provides 550 lbs. per unit weight for excellent soil penetration and retention.

    Options include three closer wheels: Spiked, 4.5" Rubber or 20 Point Crumbler. The DMR “Penetrator” Dual Band opener can be mounted on fixed height and rock shaft style toolbars as well as 3-point and pull type.

    “Penetrator” Models 2415/ 2420/ 2430


    3,500lb Rated Timken Main Coulter Bearings, no Import Knock-offs

    Composite Pivot Bearings (No Grease Zerks)

    Durable Ductile Componets Made In The Midwest

    Single Bevel Coulter Blades 24"

    High Speed Application Proven To 10 MPH

    High Grade Rubber Rolling Outer Scraper

    Precision Laser Cut Componets

    Precision Cut 7" X 7" Mount Brackets (Optional Packages Available)

    Injection Tubes: NH3, Liquid and Granular


    Weight: 550lbs.

    Height: 26.7"

    Width: 23.9" (5215)

    33.9" (5220)

    38.9" (5230)

    Length: 56.68"

    Transport Clearence: 11.9"

    Vertical Travel: 20.0"


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